Wednesday, August 30, 2017

During the schedule adjustment period: 8/28 - 9/11

December graduates – must apply for graduation:
  • All ENSP students earn B.S. degrees. Be sure you mark it correctly when you apply to graduate. This application sets the wheels in motion for your degree audits, e-mails re: ceremonies, etc.
Students wishing to add Minors – must do so NO LATER THAN one full academic year before you graduate. 
  • If you plan to graduate in May 2018, then you MUST declare your Minor during this Drop/Add period. 
Students wishing to earn credits for Fall internships – must submit their materials by Sept. 10, so I have a day to do the paperwork.
  • If you are having a hard time making the 9/10 deadline (e.g., next week your internship supervisor is out of town, so you can’t get his/her signature) – or – if you find out late next week that you’ve been selected for an internship – please contact me by e-mail in advance. This gives me a paper trail, which I’ll need when it comes to adding the internship late.         
  • All your details are here:

Check your Unofficial Transcript
  • Are you properly registered? If you are taking ENSP399R or ENSP499 or other “credit variable” classes, be sure you are registered for the correct number of credits by the end of Drop/Add.
  • Are all your AP and/or transfer credits here? If you haven’t transferred summer school grades, please do so now. Ask the Records and Registration Office at the other school to send an official transcript to: Transfer Credit Services, c/o Registrar's Office, 1113 Mitchell Bldg., University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742.
  • Verify your CORE and GenEd courses, so you know what has yet to be completed.
Update your Graduation Plan
  • Once you are declared into your Concentration, your Graduation Plan is your responsibility. You may make changes to your graduation plan – but don’t lose “required” courses in the process. Keep your Graduation Plan and your Advising Checklist together for easy reference; and update your plan so it shows your current registration and changes you need to make for future semesters.
Organize your e-mail
  • Verify your e-mail address -- (first gray box, left column) 
  • Consider using two accounts – one for “school” one for “personal.”
  • Develop “folders” (or “labels”) for e-mail, for example: Assignments, Advising News, Clubs/Activities, etc.
  • E-mail is considered official communication at Maryland, so it is your responsibility to be sure your accounts are working properly.
  • Heed messages sent by your College
  • In particular, upper-level BSOS and CMNS students will soon be receiving messages about degree audits. Please respond to College messages ASAP. Check here if you’re not sure which College you’re in.
The LAST DAY to ...
  • DROP a course w/o a “W” is Monday, 9/11
  • adjust grading method (REG or P/F) is Monday, 9/11
  • adjust credit level (1-6 credits) is Monday, 9/11
  • ADD a course FROM the WAITLIST is Tuesday, 9/12… but don’t do this unless you’ve been attending all along!