Monday, February 15, 2016

A message from the 

ENSP Student Association

Hello everyone! I hope everyone's semester is going well so far!

You may all remember a time last semester when Ori Gutin, a now-graduate of the Environmental Science and Policy program, solicited the members of the ENSP major to form an major-based Student Association centered on environmentalism. It is our pleasure to announce that his visions have been brought into reality in the form of an ENSP Student Association! In order to clearly outline our purpose, we would like to take the opportunity to introduce the ideas and values underlining the ENSPSA and introduce ourselves, the Executive Board, to you all. Also, we are writing to gain your input. Read on to learn more about us.  CLICK HERE to participate in our survey.

As defined by Ori, the ENSPSA predominantly functions to create opportunities for students and faculty to engage with environmentalism through five key pillars.
  • Academic understanding: By providing members with presentations, lectures, documentary screenings, debates, study sessions, and other events, we hope to enhance perceptions and understandings of current environmental issues and solutions.
  • Professional development: Through soliciting help from alumni and connecting with those in the multiple categories of environmental careers, we hope to expand our members' abilities, options, and perspectives when it comes to facing the job market.
  • Community service: Through taking part in and organizing environmentally geared service events on and off campus, we hope to give our members the opportunity to give back to the College Park community and learn more about environmental stewardship.
  • Exploration of nature: Through hikes, excursions, and other trips, we hope to instill a deep appreciation for nature and its beauty among our members.
  • Social activity: Through dinners, trivia nights, zoo trips, and other various activities, we hope to strengthen the bond between students and provide a warm, welcoming community for our members.
In order to achieve these goals, an elected Executive Board has weekly meetings to plan outings, study sessions, and more for the ENSPSA. Each class (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) has two representatives serving in the Board in order to efficiently and justly include input from each academic year. We would like to take this time to introduce ourselves so you all know exactly who is representing you.

Senior Representatives

Skyler Golt -- Skyler is a senior ENSP major with a concentration in politics and policy. He is from Preston, Maryland, is a member of the Gemstone honors college on team SAVIOR, and is president of the UMD College Republicans Club. He hopes to bring members of the ENSP major closer together before he graduates.
Nyasha Mandima -- Nyasha is a senior ENSP major concentrating in Environmental Economics. He lives in Olney, Maryland and is also on the Maryland Men's Crew team. Nyasha likes rowing and English football and is always down to play an occasional poker game.

Junior Representatives

Salsabil Chebli -- Salsabil is a junior ENSP (politics and policy) major with a minor in French. She was born in Morocco and grew up in Rockville, MD. Salsabil is hoping in using her major to bring awareness of the environment and using her minor as an asset in her travels. She enjoys watching soccer, traveling, and politics.
Ryan Block -- Ryan is a junior ENSP major with a concentration in politics and policy and an aspiration to become an environmental attorney in the energy sector. Ryan is also a member of the BSOS Sustainability Task Force, the SGA Sustainability Committee, and the Ultimate Frisbee Team, while interning at the Office of the General Counsel for Environment within the United States Department of Energy. Ryan is from Columbia, Maryland where he was influenced by the Chesapeake Bay, the Appalachian Mountains, Washington DC, and Baltimore.

Sophomore Representatives

Hope Loiselle -- Hope is a sophomore double majoring in Anthropology and ENSP (Biodiversity and Conservation Biology). She is from Ellicott City, Maryland and loves traveling, hiking, reading, and rock climbing.
Willem Klajbor -- Willem is an Economics/ENSP (Marine + Coastal) double major from Rochester, NY. He looks forward to creating an awesome ENSP student community and having tons of fun social events. Will enjoys hiking, Maryland basketball, geocaching, and finding new music!

Freshman Representatives

Kate Hess -- Kate is a freshman ENSP (wildlife ecology and management) major with a minor in professional writing. She is from Morristown, NJ and likes politics, hiking, and rock climbing.

Logan Kline -- Logan is an ENSP major (currently debating between Politics and Policy or Global Environmental Change) with a minor in Global Poverty. In her free time, Logan enjoys singing, watching Netflix, baking, tutoring at the Writing Center, and learning about new environmental problems. She is also the secretary of the Board and will be the one you receive e-mails from.

We are excited to meet all of you! 

As we begin our Executive Board meetings, we are attempting to gather input and suggestions from the ENSP community. We would like to invite you to take part in our survey that will help us plan and arrange social, academic, and community service events! This survey will be incredibly important to us as we get the ENSPSA started in the upcoming weeks, so we greatly appreciate the time you spend filling out the survey. Click here to take part.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see everyone soon!

Logan Kline
ENSPSA Executive Board Secretary