Sunday, March 27, 2016


1.   The ENSP Core has been revised.  All ENSP students preparing their graduation plans this Spring for Fall 2016 will take at least one of:  ENSP305, 330, 340, 342, or 350.  We hope these courses will better prepare you for the kinds of work you’ll do upon graduation. 

·     The new advising checklists are bolded in red.

·     Students already enrolled in a concentration will not be affected by this change.  Your graduation requirements are not bolded.  

2.   Changes in Economics courses:

·    Beginning in Fall 2016ECON200 and ECON201 will be 3-credits.  If you are completing this course now, or have already completed it, you will keep your 4 credits.

·    Began this Spring 2016, students may take only one of the following courses for credit:  AREC240, AREC241, AREC250, or ECON200.  If you took two or more of these classes prior to this Spring, you can keep the duplicate credits.

3.   Changes in major requirements for ENSP-Politics & Policy and ENSP-Environmental Economics.

·    Major requirements have changed and will affect students developing graduation plans this semester for Fall.  The changes are minor and eliminate what would otherwise be confusing advising situations.  

4.  Beginning-level BSCI lectures/labs will be taught separately.  TESTUDO has been updated, but not all of our advising checklists have.  The new course numbers are:

·        BSCI 160/161 (formerly BSCI106)
·        BSCI 170/171 (formerly BSCI105)

Again, please read these items through carefully, and feel free to ask questions if you have them.