Friday, March 4, 2016

PAID - Field Assistants - Entomology

Full-time, summer

Positions are available for undergraduate assistants (paid interns) to assist with a field project that investigates agro-ecological solutions for the creation of sustainable food systems, especially organic cropping systems. 

Invasive and local arthropod pests damage the world food supply by feeding on domesticated plants. The aim of this project is to determine whether cover crops and reduced land management practices can be used to help lessen pest populations in domesticated crops. More specifically, the project will involve working in an organic cropping systems and monitoring how cover cropping and reduced tillage impact soil health, pest and beneficial insect levels and crop productivity and yield. 

Field duties will include helping to collect data on arthropod and weed numbers and plant growth characteristics. Some additional tasks may include maintenance of research plots, nursing plants, weeding and data entry. Opportunity to receive classroom credits based on performance also exists with this position.  Applicants must be able to work outdoors in hot, humid conditions; and have a strong interest in field science/research.

To apply, please send a transcript, resume, and cover letter to Dr. Alan W. Leslie (

For additional information please e-mail Dr. Alan W. Leslie, University of Maryland, Dept. of Entomology, 4112 Plant Sciences Bldg., College Park, MD 20742, E-mail