Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Almost everything you need to know is here:

Answers to FAQ's are here:

All ENSP majors earn a B.S. -- This means you will be wearing a YELLOW collar (the B.A. students wear white) and it should come with your graduation robe when you pick it up at the bookstore (no, I don't have details on that process :+)

Some students have heard about a special "exam" prior to graduation... Someone, somewhere, used the wrong word for "survey"!  The University (and we) are very interested in learning about what you do and where you go, after graduation; hence, more and more colleges/departments are using online surveys to gather this information.  I would encourage you to complete such requests, as it'll help UM faculty and staff help teach and advise future generations of students. But it's not an exam, and there are no wrong answers :+) 

Re: locations/times: 
  • ENSP – AGNR students – graduate together.  Details here
  • ENSP – BSOS students – In May, graduate with their academic department.  Details here.
  • ENSP – CMNS students – graduate together.  Details here. 

Normally, it's a good idea to show up 45 minutes ahead of time, unless told otherwise.

Graduation tickets -- Number of tickets to College/Departmental ceremonies allowed varies annually and by college, according to the number of graduates AND the location of your ceremony.  Check the websites above.

Re: "walking" (participating in ceremonies) when you haven't completed your degree requirements, for example, "you have one more class to take, and you are signed up for it this summer."  --  The University generally discourages "walking;" however, policies vary by College.  Believe it or not, "walkers" have sometimes fooled their parents (and themselves :+|  into thinking they've graduated, when they haven't.  It's a mess.  Don't do it.  But if you do “walk,” be clear about what you need to do to finish up this summer, before you have a job to contend with.

August graduates -- if you are completing "one more class," or your ENSP386 internship, over the summer, you become an August graduate.  Once your grades are submitted and the final degree-audit takes place, your diploma will follow about 6 weeks later.   August graduates are invited to participate in December ceremonies.

Diplomas -- Arrive in the mail about 6 weeks after your ceremony, i.e., after one more audit to be sure you finished everything you were registered for in the Spring.