Friday, May 6, 2016

REU - Aquatic Ecology - Apply by 5/17

Portland (OR) State University

The Strecker Aquatic Ecology Lab at Portland State University in Portland, OR, invites applications for an REU position on an NSF-funded project on the effects of hydrologic alterations and climate change on freshwater ecosystem connectivity and ecology on the Columbia Plateau. The candidate will have numerous opportunities to enhance their career by working with ecologists and other scientists, including members of the PI’s lab. 

The REU project will focus on a unique feature of some aquatic invertebrates, which can produce resting eggs that undergo prolonged dormancy in the sediment of waterbodies and hatch under favorable conditions. The project will examine a research question related to hatching success of zooplankton resting eggs in different environmental conditions and at different historical time periods. 

A stipend of $5000 is available, in addition to $600 for help with travel costs to and from Portland. On-campus housing will be provided for out of town students. 

Application: Applicants must provide the following: • online application form (, including personal information, educational background, volunteer/work experience • contact information for two professors familiar with their academic performance • a ~500 word personal statement describing their experience, motivation, qualifications, research interests, and career aspirations Selection 

Criteria: A background in ecology, biology, environmental science, or a related field, with a strong interest in aquatic ecosystems is required.   Previous research experience is not required. Students from underrepresented minorities are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Additional selection criteria include: • Motivation and enthusiasm to develop research skills and techniques • Successful completion of college-level courses relevant to research • An academic record with consistent progress • Ability to participate in the entire 10 week program – start date is negotiable • 

Applications are due by: May 17, with a decision expected by May 31.

Eligibility: Students graduating in the year of the program are not eligible. Students must also be United States citizens or permanent residents. Students must be enrolled in a community college, college or university and have good academic standing. If accepted into the REU program, applicants will be required to provide an unofficial transcript before arriving. Please contact Dr. Angela Strecker for more information: