Thursday, June 2, 2016

REVISIONS - Effective Fall 2016

ENSP - Society and Environmental Issues

The curriculum in Society and Environmental Issues has been substantially upgraded, effective Fall 2016.  The new curriculum:

  • Emphasizes knowledge and skills that are central to sociology, while highlighting new courses in environmental sociology.
  • Eliminates sociology courses no longer offered.
  • Broadens students' course selections in the Restricted Elective category.
  • Encourages students to gain practical experience by including ENSP386 and Federal/Global Semester internships.

Students who submitted their graduation plans this spring, which will be effective in Fall 2016, will be required to follow the new requirements.  You may access the new requirements here.

Students who declared ENSP-SEI in January 2016 or earlier may (but are not required) to follow these new requirements.

All students are encouraged to keep paper-copies of their degree requirements, as it'll take the University audit system a few semesters to catch up with these changes.