Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Winter Study Abroad - Germany and Italy

Energy, Climate Change and Options for a Low-Carbon Economy (AREC)

Explore the major hurdles to reducing the threats from climate change, while also learning about options for changing from fossil-fuel based activities towards low-carbon ones, and how they can be implemented successfully.  Lectures are taught by research scientists at the top climate change research institutions in Germany and Italy—the Ecologic Institute and the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change, respectively.

  • In Germany, we will visit a commercial wind power generation facility
  • In Italy, we will take a boat tour of the Venice Lagoon.
  • We will stay in the heart of Berlin, one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in Europe, and experience island living on the S. Giorgio Island in Venice.

Preference is given to majors in AREC, ENST, ENSP, ECON, Public Policy, and Engineering. Some knowledge of microeconomics is desirable but not required.
Course credit will be given for AREC457, a 3 credit UMD course.