Thursday, August 25, 2016

Beyond Dirty Fuels Campaign – Internship

Sierra Club – DC Chapter 

Fossil fuels have no part in America's energy future -- coal, oil, and natural gas are literally poisoning us. The emergence of natural gas as a significant part of our energy mix is particularly frightening because it dangerously postpones investment in clean energy at a time when we should be doubling down on wind, solar and energy efficiency. Oil is a leading source of smog, particulate matter, and other toxic pollution that contributes to tens of thousands of deaths each year. Our addiction is the cause of oil spills in our rivers and oceans, poisoning our drinking water sources, polluting our communities and destroying fragile ecosystems. The Sierra Club's Beyond Dirty Fuels campaign aims to stop destructive and dirty fossil fuels and promote real solutions to our sustainable energy needs.

Description:  The Beyond Dirty Fuels intern assists the federal policy team with all of their fossil-fuels related work - protecting our lands, air and water by ending extraction for oil, gas and tar sands.  The intern is responsible for researching a variety of relevant issues as well as writing reports on their research that are used to inform the Administration and Congress.  Interns attend congressional hearings, lobby meetings within Congressional offices, and educational events.  They also assist with social media outreach, contributing to the program blog and creating other social media content.

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