Thursday, August 25, 2016

FAQ’s re: Hold Files & Waitlists

  • FIRSTCheck your unofficial transcript as it stands right now.  You can do that by going to TESTUDO and checking “Unofficial Transcript.”  If something has been added to your schedule over break, it’ll say “AW,” added directly from the Waitlists.  This happens when there are no schedule conflicts.
  • NEXT:  Please drop yourself from any Waitlisted classes you no longer need/want, so your classmates can move up on the list.

Q:   What is a HOLD FILE?

  • A:  HOLDFILES are a “Waitlists for Waitlists.”  Holdfiles "protect" classes for incoming students.  To be sure new students have something left to choose from, the University does not "release" at the same time all the seats it has available in popular classes.  Over this coming weekend, “holdfiles” will be “dumped” into all remaining openings and a single “Waitlist” is generated.
  • Usually, students placed on a HOLDFILE get the classes they want, provided the "ratio" of seats available to waitlist is good. In other words, a HIST 200 class with 150 students and #15 on the HOLDFILE is a better bet than an Art Studio class of 25 that has 37 on the HOLDFILE. 


  • Go to Waitlist check-in to DROP the sections/classes you no longer want.
  • The computer will ask you to CONFIRM THE DROP; say “yes.” 
  • There are probably several students who will be your friend for life because they can now move up the list.  On their behalf:  thank you :+)

Q:  HOW DO I ADD MYSELF TO A WAITLIST?   If you try to register for a class, and the computer says “NO OPEN SECTIONS” – here’s what you need to do:

  • Find a specific closed section that fits with the rest of your schedule and try to add that specific section. 
  • The computer will say “No open sections. Add to Waitlist? (or holdfile)?” 
  • Say “yes.” 
  • Then the computer will show you all the sections of your desired course… and there will be a little asterisk * next to the sections that conflict with the rest of your schedule.  You may select up to 6 sections of a class that you want.  Beware:  Only add yourself to sections you would take, if you got them.  If you decide not to take the section offered when it comes, it’ll drop you from all 6 options and you have to start over again!
  • The computer will give you an option to “Return sections” which is an odd way of saying: “put me on the Waitlist for the sections I’ve indicated.”  Hit <enter>. 
  • RELATED QUESTION:  Can I be on the Waitlist AND in a (less-desirable) section of the same course?? 
  • No, you can only be on one or the other; sorry :+(

Q:  Okay, I’M ON A WAILIST, waiting.  Now what do I do?

  • There’s nothing you “must” do right now.  You can check your progress on the Waitlists, and you might even get something! But it’s not “Mandatory” to start checking in until the first day of classes (Monday).
  • Check TESTUDO here: Go to:  and go to “Waitlist Check-in.” The course isn’t formally added to your schedule until the system “knows” you’re aware it’s been added.  If it’s been added directly to your schedule over break, the course will say “AW,” added directly from the Waitlist. 
  • Waitlists are updated only once daily.  Even if 400 people drop a class at 10AM, you will not see the update on Waitlists until 7:30 AM the next day.  You can access Waitlist Check-in 7:30 AM-10:30 PM daily, except Sunday, when hours are limited to 5:30 PM-10:30 PM
  • All remaining empty seats will be filled this coming weekend – so many of you will find you have received the class(es) you’ve been waiting for.  Remember to check-in no later than next Monday evening (the first day of classes)… otherwise everything drops off and  you have to start over.
  • If you are high on the Waitlist (#1 or #2 for a small class, or #3 or #4 for a large class) GO TO YOUR DESIRED CLASS FROM THE BEGINNING.  Instructors spend a lot of time with the course syllabus (your class expectations, requirements, assignments, deadlines, etc.) on the first day of classes.  You do NOT want to miss the first class!

REMINDER:   When "confirming" classes off the Waitlist, FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY.

  • The computer will ask you twice if you want the course:  "You got the course.  Click here if you want it." Then: "To CONFIRM this course, click here."
  •  After "confirming" your class off the Waitlist, print a copy of your "Student Schedule" to be sure you have done what you intended to do.  If it doesn't match up – go back in to make adjustments.
  •  Patience is usually rewarded.  However, if you have not received a class by the end of the first week of classes, it's best to go with a back-up choice.  Beginning a new class after missing 2-3 lectures is usually not advisable. 


  • If you are Waitlisting one or more classes, please e-mail Angela ASAP with your name, UID, and the course(s) you are waiting for.  When students are on Probation, each ADD and DROP must be approved on a course-by-course basis.  If you e-mail Angela in advance, she can put the approvals into the computer ahead of time so you can act on it as soon as you see that you’ve received the course.


  • If you are close to the top of a Waitlist – ATTEND YOUR FIRST WEEK’S CLASSES.  The first day of class is often the most important one – That’s when professors spend extra time talking about the syllabus, the course content, his/her expectations, and all the “WAYS TO A’s” in his/her class.  You do not want to miss this class!