Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sustainable Agriculture - USDA

Technician & Internship Opportunity
Dr. Mirsky (USDA-ARS Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory; Beltsville, MD) conducts agro-ecological research in conventional and organic field crop production. Research focuses on evaluating cropping system sustainability including agronomic and environmental criteria. Experiments evaluate the role of cover crops and their integration into agro-ecosystems for soil, crop and, weed management.

Student will spend their time during the fall/winter processing plant and soil samples and potentially performing plant tissue, soil and greenhouse gas analysis. Students that demonstrate strong work ethic, good attention to detail, and interest in the research will be encouraged to stay for summer employment. During the summer, we will be monitoring environmental and management effects on soils, crops, and weeds, in organic and sustainable cropping systems. This position offers opportunities to develop the following skills: 1) data management and entry; 2) cash and cover crop biomass harvesting, nondestructive nitrogen stress indicators, processing, and tissue analysis for C and N; 3) soil sampling, processing, and analysis; and 4) weed id and seedbank analysis.

Hours are flexible, we have openings both during spring semester and during the summer. 

For more information about this internship, please send your resume and unofficial transcripts to and cc’ We are currently reviewing applicants for an unpaid internships for college credits and paid undergraduate technician positions