Monday, February 13, 2017

Employment Opportunity
PIRG Campus Action

PIRG Campus Action is hiring organizers to help us make a difference on some of the top issues facing our generation today.

  • We want clean energy, not climate change — so we’re pushing for 100% renewable power by calling on big corporations to go solar.
  • We want democracy to work for everybody, not just Super PACs — so we’re working to overturn Citizens United and reclaim democracy for the people.
  • We want to protect public health, so we are working to ban the routine use of antibiotics on factory farms.
  • In short, we’re organizing to make a difference right now!  We’re about solving problems and getting results.

We’re looking for people who have the passion and the drive it takes to win positive change, who aren’t afraid of hard work, or swimming against the tide, and who are excited to build something that will ensure more victories in the future.

We’re hiring organizers to work on college campuses in California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oregon and other states.

If you have the passion and the drive it takes to fuel the power of student activism, win positive change, and build for even more victories in the future, consider working with us. Apply today.

For more information, visit  Immediate Positions also available.
Feel free to contact our Recruitment Director, Megan Anderson with any questions at