Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Position available: Rancher Success Intern

Make farmers and ranchers profitable. Build a better food system.  PastureMap's goal is to help make ranchers more profitable.  PastureMap's mobile app helps ranch teams keep grazing and animal records in the field. Our analytics platform combines grazing records with soil and rainfall data to help ranch managers make better decisions. We are also building the information backbone of a better meat supply chain. Our vision is to create data insights that empower ranchers to see the results of their management, and to share their knowledge to accelerate innovation towards a better food system.

Your Role:  Rancher Success Intern.  We take rancher success very seriously - it is the core of what we do. You are responsible for helping get the word out about PastureMap, but your ultimate job is to help farmers and ranchers get more profitable.

  • Build community: Create fun and engaging blog posts, social media content, and photo content for ranchers to learn about tech, grazing, soil health, and other science-based methods to improve their profits.
  • Create a monthly newsletter on Mailchimp for our 5,000+ users. Manage our Squarespace based website.
  • You will directly drive results for our business and help us excite different rancher groups about our platform. Help us match our messaging to various rancher communities and needs. Design and test campaigns on Facebook, our website, and other online channels. Design and test a rancher referral program.
  • Analyze the results and find ways to improve how we get the word out about PastureMap.

  • Experience working with farmers or ranchers. Excellent empathy and writing skills. You know how to talk to folks and are a quick learner. You have an “ear” for language that resonates with different groups.
  • Agriculture, animal science, or earth systems coursework, preferably fieldwork or direct experience in apprenticeships.
  • Proficient in Photoshop / basic photo editing and design. Video editing is a big plus.
  • You want to use your skills to make a positive impact on the food system.

  • Leader and self-starter - you get things done, enjoy driving your own work forward, and enjoy being in a fast paced setting with other smart people who do the same.
  • Tech savvy - you are comfortable using apps, both in helping our customers and in teamwork. You will use Google Docs, Slack, Intercom, JIRA, and Zoom on a daily basis.
  • Enjoy outdoor photography, taking pictures and videos of ranchers and talking to them sounds fun

This is a part-time internship position in our office in San Mateo, CA, and will involve occasional driving to ranches.

What’s next?
  1. Submit your resume, cover letter, and an example of a design product or campaign to
  2. We’ll call you for a 15 minute intro call.
  3. Invitation to come to our offices to meet the team, you’ll do a sample work project to figure out whether we enjoy working together
  4. Offer to join PastureMap team. Start bringing value to ranchers and building a better food system