Friday, March 10, 2017

Career Shuttle
Chesapeake Bay Foundation

WHEN: April 28th from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

The University Career Center will visit the CBF headquarters in Annapolis, MD, learn about their hiring process and take a tour. Due to limited capacity, only 25 students will be able to attend this shuttle. Students who are not the first 25 to RSVP will be added to our wait list.

Interested in Attending? Please review this carefully.
Starting March 10th, students can RSVP for the shuttle. The UCC is setting aside one week to allow only AGNR students to RSVP. On March 17th, it will be opened to students of all majors.

Before you RSVP, please consider the following:
  • Does the shuttle fit into your academic or personal schedule? Please refer to the times of the shuttle and determine your availability.
  • If you have class, are you able to talk to your professor about this absence, are you able to make up work?
  • The shuttle takes place the day before Maryland Day. Are you participating in Maryland Day and need to prepare during this time?

Students who RSVP are committing to attending, and we will enforce our "No Show Policy". Please see attached to review the policy. You can RSVP through Careers4Terps by visiting