Friday, March 10, 2017

FALL 2017 REGISTRATION DATES HAVE BEEN ​RELEASED! > "Appointment and Registration Status"

Remember, this is the day in which you can go into Testudo and register for Fall classes (on your own). However, your advising block must be removed first!

There’s a lot of important information in this email – please take time to read it carefully...

Advising is *mandatory* for all ENSP students, regardless of Concentration, GPA, or credits earned. 

Please review your ENSP advising requirements and advisor contact information here:
NOTE: Advisors have different preferences re: contact information; some prefer phone calls, some prefer e-mails, at least one has an on-line appointment system. Please abide by these preferences for the best results.

Verify on Testudo under “Appointments and Registration Status” to see if you have any registration blocks that could prevent you from registering and resolve them as soon as possible.

The most common Registration Blocks:

-- “VACCINATION BLOCKS” First semester students - especially TRANSFER students - confirm that you have submitted your Vaccination records to the Health Center. You WILL NOT be able to register if your “Appointment Status” shows “Vaccination Block.” The Health Center will remove the block once all requirements are met. Advisors CANNOT override this block! Since you may have to contact your family doctor to get the required information, start now! NOTE: It often takes 3-4 days to “process” your paperwork, so please turn in your Immunization form NOW if you plan to register on time.

-- "FINANCIAL BLOCKS” If you are blocked for financial reasons, you MUST go to the Bursar’s Office, room 1135 Lee Building to obtain clearance PRIOR to their registration appointment. Advisors CANNOT override this block. You can find out what you are being billed for here: and “click” on “Account Inquiry.” NOTE: It often takes 3-4 days to “process” your payment, so please pay your bills EARLY if you plan to register on time.

-- FUNDAMENTAL STUDIES BLOCKS - Students who have attempted more than 30 credits (counting AP credits) and who have not yet completed ENGL 101 (or MATH 113) will have to register IN PERSON, either with me or at the Mitchell Building. You will not be able to register via TESTUDO.

-- If you want to register for a course that says, “by permission only,” go to the academic department offering the course.
​I cannot give you access to register for non-ENSP courses. ​For example, students who wish to take ENST courses that are required for your ENSP concentration must go to the ENST departmental advisor, Ms. Shannon Pederson ( in 1457 Animal Sciences Bldg, for permission​.
-- Contact me if you need permission for ENSP 330 and 340. You must have at least 60 credits completed prior to taking these courses. You must have completed ENSP101 and 102 to be eligible for ENSP330. Please send me your name and UID if you want permission to take them.
-- Contact me if you need permission for ENSP 400. You must have at least 90 credits completed; and be in your last or second-to-last semester. Please send me your name and UID if you want permission to take this course.
-- If you plan to earn credit for an internship via ENSP386, go here for information and procedures:
To check your registration blocks go to:

“Registration” appointments are NOT the same thing as “Advising” appointments. Advising comes first!

For those who have declared a concentration:
  • Schedule your advising appointment AT LEAST (1) WEEK IN ADVANCE of your registration appointment. If you are in one of the larger concentrations (like Politics & Policy
  • ​ or​ Wildlife) please schedule your advising at least TWO (2) weeks in advance
  • Find advisor contact information/preferences here:
FOR MY ADVISEES (those who are "undeclared"):
  • To make an appointment with me, please visit
  • Please schedule your advising at least TWO (2) weeks in advance. 
  • If you are registering in mid-to-late April, please WAIT to see me… I prefer to see Seniors and Juniors first since they register much earlier; thank you!If you miss your scheduled registration day/time, you may register at ANY TIME on your own afterwards (as long as you have all blocks removed).

And if you have no idea who you should be meeting with for advising, just ask!​
​...​AT UMD:
-- You may register for SUMMER TERM at UMD as soon as you want to – you do not need to wait for your registration appointment. However, the billing schedule for Summer Term is extremely different from “regular” semesters, and you must be aware of deadlines and procedures to avoid dropped classes or unexpected financial penalties. 
-- Read the following CAREFULLY:

-- Please read the following information:

Students in BSOS-sponsored concentrations (​Culture and Environment, ​Global Environmental Change, Land Use, Marine and Coastal Management, Politics & Policy, and Society & Environmental Issues) please note:

-- You may register for up to 16 CREDITS _only_ until the first day of classes.
-- “Credit overloads” will NOT be allowed
-- Waitlists will be strictly enforced.
Therefore: PLEASE REGISTER THOUGHTFULLY if you are in a BSOS-sponsored Concentration.
Society and Environmental Issues Students:
  • SOCY305 is no longer offered – Please take SOCY405
  • Many upper-level courses are offered infrequently – if there is one that you need as a requirement, please work with Dr. Finsterbusch in finding a suitable alternative.

Politics and Policy Students:
  • GVPT280 will not be offered in the fall- Dr. Alcaniz has allowed students to take GVPT282 in it’s place
  • GVPT419B will now be GVPT417 - there will be no change in course content, this is strictly a change in course number.​
You can also find a LOT of other important registration information (blocks, waitlists, stamps, etc) by going to the Registrar’s Office website: