Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Whether you are meeting with a tutor one-on-one or in a group, once in a while or every week, you want to BE PREPARED. Yes, the tutor is more knowledgeable in the subject and is ready to help --but you are in charge of knowing HOW the tutor can help you. That means:
  • Plan ahead. Use your syllabus to keep track of when quizzes, tests, or big assignments are due so you don't wait to schedule your tutoring meeting at the last minute.
  • Have your materials ready. Bring any assignments, syllabi, readings, or instructor's feedback that will help you and the tutor plan and work together.
  • Be ready to talk. Your tutor will ask you questions about what you're learning in class, what your skills and strengths are, and what you need help with.
  • Come with specific questions, and ask away!
  • Be honest. If you don't understand something during your session, ask for clarification or simply say "I didn't get that - can you please explain that again?"
  • Be ready to work independently. Your tutor might ask you to complete some work during your session, either so they can observe how you work or help you get extra practice.
  • Practice what you learn and review between tutoring sessions.
  • Respect your tutor's time. Show up on time, don't cancel at the last minute, and be sure to thank them for their help.

Adapted from Montgomery College's Writing, Readying, & Language Center Website: