Thursday, March 30, 2017

International Programs in AGNR
Upcoming Food Security Webinars

April 3-4: Third Annual Food Security Symposium: Commercial Agriculture in the Tropical Environments

The tropics contain some of the most important biomes for managing a variety of environmental challenges from biodiversity to climate change. But at the same time, agricultural expansion in South America shows that the tropics can be highly productive in terms of grain production. Additionally, agricultural intensification holds promise to reduce poverty and malnutrition among the many rural poor residing in tropical zones. This symposium addresses the complex tradeoffs between environmental stewardship and agricultural intensification in the tropics.

Apr. 3: Keynote Lecture: "The Emerging Fertilizer Value Chain in Africa," Dr. Pedro Sanchez
Apr 4: Dr. Katherine Tully, Plant Sciences & Landscape Agriculture, is on the Soil and Water panel.

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April 10, at 10:00 a.m.: UME's Jonathan Moyle talks about his Farmer-To-Farmer assignments

Interested in participating in Farmer to Farmer but not sure what it's like? Dr. Jonathan Moyle has worked with small-holder farmers as well as commercial operations in Liberia, Kenya, Bangladesh and most recently in Myanmar. Tune in an hear his tales from the Road and how you can begin your own adventure.

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April 13, at 1:00-2:00 p.m.: USDA/NIFA on International Opportunities

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service and NIFA are holding the webinar "Opportunities for International Engagement and Research Cooperation”, Thursday, April 13, 1:00 pm EDT. Learn about FAS fellowship and exchange programs, and opportunities for including international activities in your NIFA-funded research, or other NIFA programs.

Borlaug and Cochran Fellowship Programs with opportunities to travel to cooperating country
Including Partnerships with other countries or international organizations in a NIFA grant