Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Research Internship
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute - Panama

Research Intern 1: cooperation in vampire bats

Application deadline: Get your application in as soon as possible. Evaluations will begin March 1, 2017 but may continue past that date.

When: May 1 — October 1, 2017. Dates are negotiable.

Where: The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. This place has many great opportunities if you are interested in a career in organismal or tropical biology. Some of the best ecologists and evolutionary biologists in the world visit throughout the year. You’ll be working for Dr. Gerry Carter, currently a Smithsonian Postdoctoral Fellow.

What: You will be helping with experiments and observations of captive vampire bats April to August, and fieldwork in September. The basic approach and methods are similar to those in the references below. There are opportunities for independent projects and co-authorship on papers.

To learn more about this opportunity and to apply, click HERE.