Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Summer Course Announcement
URSP688L –Planning Technologies

INSTRUCTOR: Chao Liu (cliu8@umd.edu)
LECTURES/: Tuesday & Thursday, 4:00-7:30 PM
LOCATION: Architecture Building, Room 1115


Technological progress in the last three decades has had tremendous influences on both practice and research in the field of planning. Emerging technologies for communications, computing, and visualization continue to fundamentally change how we plan, develop and manage cities. Technologies can be effectively used during the planning process for data collection and processing, spatial analysis, accumulation of experience and knowledge, information sharing, communicating planning concepts, engaging the public in the planning process, and visioning.

This course provides an introduction to several technologies used by planners), regardless of their substantive field (e.g. transportation, community development, urban design, etc). Given the ubiquity of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in contemporary planning, there will be a considerable focus on developing analytical and visual GIS skills using both commercial and open-source software packages. Other technologies include: Location – based social media analysis, search engine optimization, blogs, Twitter, google map mash-ups, social networking, web surveys, and photo/video sharing (web/video conferencing, Wiki). Hands-on experience will be emphasized in this class to have students acquired practical skills, as well as knowledge, so that they will be able to apply their skills to assignments and projects in other classes in the program and future work after completing the program. Students are also encouraged to create high-quality skill portfolios on-line through the course work, so that they can demonstrate skill-sets to potential employers.